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Function of the Resume
The resume starts the recruiting process. It provides a communication link between the coach and the player. It tells the coach how to contact the player, whether the player is an academic risk or not, and their athletic experience. The resume lets the coach know whether the position that this player plays is the position the coach is recruiting this season. If the player is playing the position the coach needs to fill, has the right academic qualifications and the skills, then the coach will send her a questionnaire and request a video.

Resume Design
At College Sports Exposure, the resumes are professionally designed. The format for each sport’s resume has been developed and evolved over a period of 20 years. The resume is designed so that it draws attention to the player’s key information. Action pictures of the ladies in their sport are scanned into the resume so the college coach can see the player’s appearance and then they know who to look for when they go scouting.

Resume Options
In the past, the resume has been the most expensive part of the exposure process. College Sports Exposure has made many innovations to reduce the resume cost. Four different distribution methods are available. These distribution methods are:

  1. Emailing the resume
  2. Mailing out paper resumes for the player to colleges that the player selects
  3. Mailing the paper resumes to the player and letting the player mail them out themselves to colleges they select
  4. Posting on-line player profiles on our Internet site

It is a good idea to mix different media types, such as mailing resumes and posting an online player profile. This approach insures your resume or returned questionnaire is not overlooked or forgotten.

Emailing the Resumes
Our customer’s most popular choice for distributing resumes is by e-mail because it pays for itself by eliminating stamps and paper costs. For example, College Sports Exposure designs and e-mails out a player’s resume to at least 150 college coaches for $80.00. 150 Stamps cost $51.00. The reason for e-mailing to 150 College Coaches is to screen which colleges are interested in a particular player and the position they play. College Sports Exposure also e-mails resumes to one coach at a time (individually). Click here to contact us about individually e-mailing resumes. Over the past several years, College Sports Exposure has obtained many college coaches e-mail addresses when we meet the coaches personally at tournaments that we scout. Many of these addresses are not available on the coach’s respective college Internet site or from companies that market college coaches addresses. There are several reasons for no or inefficient e-mail addresses for the college coach on Internet sites. Not all college coaches choose to post their e-mail addresses on the college Internet site. College Sports Exposure has e-mail addresses of many of the college coaches who do not post their e-mail address on their college Internet site. Frequently, college coaches e-mail us with their new e-mail addresses when they move to a new softball program. Coaches who have used our service and are retiring, usually e-mail us with the e-mail address of their replacement coach. These e-mail addresses may not show up on the Internet for a year or more. College Sports Exposure has developed several propriety techniques to efficiently e-mail the resumes to the college coaches. The memory capacity of the college coaches computers varies from college to college. College Sports Exposure has pioneered various techniques that allow them to e-mail resumes to the college coach where they can actually receive and read the resume. Updated resumes should be mailed out to remind the College Coaches that the player is still interested in their college program. They should be mailed out to the College Coaches to inform them about travel team switches, travel team schedule changes and SAT and ACT scores when they become available. The e-mailed resumes solve a storage problem for the college coaches. Most coaches either have file cabinets or wastebaskets full of paper resumes. A Louisiana College Coach told College Sports Exposure at a tournament that she was going to add a Zip Drive to her computer to store them.

Enhancing College Scholarship Opportunities

Mailing Paper Resumes for the Customer
A more personal approach is to mail a paper copy of the resume to the college coach. College Sports Exposure designs and prints the resumes with a high quality colored printer so that the resume will catch the attention of the coach. The design for each sport’s resume has been developed and trial over a 20 year period. Postage cost required to mail the resumes by College Sports Exposure are included in the total cost of this package. With this resume package, College Sports Exposure also likes to mail a copy of the high school transcript; travel, club or high school sports schedule and two copies of newspaper articles. Use our “College Fit” program to identify colleges with your desired major or college type to minimize the amount of resumes mailed. This also helps to control the cost. Click here to contact us about using “College Fit.”

Customer Mails Paper Resumes
College Sports Exposure will also design the resume, print high-quality copies of the resume and mail them to you so that you can mail them to the college coaches. College Sports Exposure can provide you with the addresses of the desire college coaches for a price that depends on the number of addresses. This option allows you to attach a cover letter to the resume. If you wish to purchase the Paper Resume Package online and pay with a credit card through our secure link then visit “Our Store”.

Cover Letters
Companies that market college coaches address overemphasize the need to mail out a cover letter with the resume. Naturally, they do this to perpetuate their business. Cover letters can be mailed with a returned questionnaire, video, copy of a transcript, Letter of Recommendation or by themselves.

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