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Sample Letter

The sample cover letter is for illustration purposes only. To obtain maximum benefit from a cover letter, it is best to be original and write your own letter.

Dear Coach Clark,

My parents raised me to be a Longhorn. My dad graduated from UT in 1985. I have been on campus numerous times. As a consequence, I am very interested in pursuing an education and playing softball at the University of Texas. I watched the Lady Longhorns beat Oklahoma at Red and Charlene Mc Combs Field last spring. I am signed up for the Players Defensive Clinic to be held Jan. 30 at the University of Texas Softball Camp.

Based upon my research, the University of Texas has a Nationally Recognized Communications Department. I plan to major in Communications once I graduate from high school and pursue a career in Broadcasting.

The enclosed resume describes both my academic standing and Softball experience. I am currently a freshman, with a GPA of ____ on a ____ scale. I am ranked in the top 20 % of my graduating class. I am scheduled to take my SAT for ______. I am planning to take college preparatory courses with an emphasis on (list courses).

As mentioned above, your Softball program is of primary interest to me. I believe my skills and abilities would fit well into your style of play and enable me to contribute to the success of the University of Texas.

I would like to pursue all available means for financial aid.

Thank you for any consideration you can give me as a future Longhorn. Please send me information on your program, and any suggestions you may have on how to best prepare for attendance at the University of Texas in the fall of (your graduation year).

(Your Name)

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