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Our Filming Experience

Experience Makes The Difference

College Sports Exposure researches the content of their videos very extensively. Since College Sports Exposure is a complete scouting service, i.e. scouting players, filming and editing videos, and designing and mailing resumes, they are constantly corresponding and interacting with the college coaches as a third party recruiter. From personal contact, e-mails and phone conversations, College Sports Exposure has learned what the college coaches are wanting to see in sports streaming videos and DVDs.

The streaming video or DVD content and emphasis of a sport varies with the sport. College Sports Exposure has summarized the content of the different sports. Click on your sport to see how our years of experience show it should be filmed. These are only summaries. Film angles, filming procedures and other details are proprietary technology. This proprietary technology is the reason why College Sports Exposure should film your child's video instead of yourself.

Extensive research of the streaming video or DVD content is only one of the four ingredients that contribute to the quality of the streaming videos or DVDs produced by College Sports Exposure. Another ingredient is Duane Treybig’s experience in sports as a coach and player. This experience helps College Sports Exposure design game-like scenarios during the filming process which better show the skill level of the player. During filming, the players are told what mechanics the college coach is looking for. Finally, the coaching experience and knowledge of the sports is helpful in selecting the best scenes to edit and impress the college coaches.

The streaming videos or DVDs are edited utilizing a seamless editing technique. Seamless editing is when there is no noise between the cuts. With seamless editing, the only way a college coach can recognize that a scene has been edited is that the background of the scene is different. The video or DVD can be edited in with various transitions to break up the scenes. Titles can be provided using numerous effects. Music can be edited into the streaming video or DVD to minimize street, playground or other background noise. Generally, college coaches mute the volume when they watch the video so they are not distracted.

The final ingredient is experience in filming videos or DVDs and photographing athletes. College Sports Exposure specializes in only filming sports-related videos or DVDs. As a consequence of this specialization and concentrated effort, College Sports Exposure has learned and pioneered new filming angles and techniques. Some of the film angles and techniques are unique and propriety. This specialization translates to a streaming video or DVD for your son or daughter that gives them a significant edge in college recruiting when compared to the product obtained by the parent, a wedding photographer or travel team coach. College Sports Exposure has filmed sports videos since 1998.

Proven Success Following a proven process is vital to getting the recognition required to get the scholarship opportunities you are seeking for your child. College Sports Exposure has fine-tuned this process after discussions with dozens of college coaches and carefully noting what works and what doesn't. Starting early is important. The best test of the success of our process is in what our athletes tell us. Please check out our Endorsements.

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