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5 Year Plan

5 Year Preparation Plan

8th Grade and Freshman Year

NCAA Division I and II softball and volleyball college coaches offer high school athletes when they are 8th graders and freshman. The player or college coach accomplish this by getting the potential athletes on their campus via unofficial visits or camps where they can talk freely to them and make them an offer. A third part recruiting service like College Sports Exposure can help make arrangements since CSE knows many of these college coaches personally. If you decide on the camp approach, the player needs to perform at a higher level than the other participants or otherwise they will be spending a lot of money attending different and many camps. College Sports Exposure recommends filming and editing your athlete’s video and then sending it to the college coach before attending the camp or arriving on campus. If the college coach receives the video before the visit and they likes the athletes skills, then they know who you are before you attend and will be looking for you. When on campus, ask the coach to give you a tour to see the campus and academic opportunities. This procedure gives the player and college coach an opportunity to talk to each other. Since so many player’s are attending a camp, it is difficult to get the one-on-one tour.

On-Line Player Profiles
8th Graders and Freshman athletes should post their profile and video on an internet website, such as College Sports Exposure to catch the college coach’s attention.

Tips. A lot of companies offer online profiles for $1000 or more. They do not film the videos. You have to film the video. I recommend choosing a company that films, edits and post your online profile and streaming video. Also, many of these companies have little traffic or undesirable traffic for your child's skill level.

Film and edit your video professionally and send it to the college coaches. I recommend sending the video to more than one coach since some colleges may have your position or skill set already filled.

Video Tip. Have your video filmed professionally so that your performance is represented at it’s best. First impressions are critical for scholarships. If a college coach does not see the skills immediately they likely will not view the entire video. I recommend selecting a company that films, edit and post your streaming video and profile.

Cover Letter
Attach a cover letter when you mail your resume and DVD to the college coach. The cover letter should let the coach know why you are interested in their particular college. It should mention the fit between the college and your area of study and geographical preference. Handwritten cover letters usually make a bigger impact than typed cover letters with the college coach.

NCAA Clearinghouse
Sign-up on the NCAA Clearinghouse website.

Pre-SAT and Grades
It is never too early to take the Pre-Sat, Sat or ACT. Most high schools recommend taking the SAT or ACT your junior or senior year. This is too late! The college coach is only interested in athletes that can get into their college. Most college coaches can estimate from the Pre-SAT whether an athlete can qualify into their NCAA Div. I or II college. It is important to take your high school courses and grades seriously if you wish to attend an NCAA Div. 1 or II college.

3rd Party Recruiters
3rd Party Recruiters have a personal relationship with college coaches. Use them. The travel team coaches are too busy coaching and arranging tournaments to provide the athlete the maximum exposure. 3 rd Party recruiters are neutral. That means that they do not have a child on your team and can talk to the college coaches at a tournament while you are playing and encourage them to scout you. A parent and player are prohibited by NCAA Div. 1 and II rules from talking to a player or parent during a tournament.

Enhancing College Scholarship Opportunities

Sophomore Year

NCAA Division I and II boys football and baseball recruiting usually starts when an athlete is a sophomore. These boys should start taking unofficial visits. NCAA Div. 1 and II girls softball and volleyball are usually verbally committed at this stage. NAIA and community colleges are now options for girls softball and volleyball. Some community colleges are already getting verbal commitments from sophomores.

Resume and On-Line Profiles
Update your resume and online profiles. Be sure to add your GPA, Pre-Sat, SAT and ACT scores.

If you did not get a Div. 1 or 2 verbal commitment, you should re-film your video to show your improvement. Videos are a snapshot of you and your skills on the date you were filmed.

3rd Party Recruiters
Use a 3rd party Recruiter. College Sports Exposure is a third party recruiter.

NCAA Clearinghouse
Check with the NCAA Clearinghouse to see if they have received your high school transcript, SAT and ACT scores.

College Applications
Visit the college website, fill-out and submit college applications. Be aware of deadlines. Complete and mail applications early and let the college coaches know you have applied.

Junior Year

In general, for football and baseball, there are still NCAA Div. 1 opportunities for boys. The opportunities are going fast. Camps help football players more than softball and volleyball. This is the time to take some unofficial visits.

In general, for softball and volleyball girls the only opportunities available are with NAIA, and NCAA Div III and Community Colleges. If you don’t have the grades and SAT or ACT score for NCAA Div. 3, then you need to focus more on community colleges and NAIA colleges. NCAA Div. 3 provide only academic scholarships. So you need to be in the top 10 of your class, have a high GPA and an ACT score of 30 or more to get a reasonable scholarship. Most Division 3’s are private schools and cost between $30,000 to $60,000 per year to attend.

Community Colleges are taking a page from the NCAA Div. 1 and II programs are beginning to get verbal commitments earlier and earlier. This is a good time to visit some community colleges and make a verbal commitment to one.

Since you are older and more skilled, you should have your video re-filmed professionally.


Senior Year

 In general, for softball and volleyball girls, the only opportunities available are NCAA Div. 3 and Community Colleges. Community Colleges scholarships opportunities are usually filled prior to or during the summer between the junior and senior years. There are very few community college scholarships available in the fall or Spring of the Senior Year. If you haven’t verbally or committed or signed yet, the best option is to use a 3 rd party recruiter.

In general, NCAA Div. III colleges are not allowed to offer academic money until after Jan 1 of your senior year. This is a late time to find out you may have no academic scholarship money from the college.

3rd Party Recruiters.
Use a 3rd party Recruiter. College Sports Exposure is a third party recruiter.

NCAA Clearinghouse
Check with the NCAA Clearinghouse to see if they have received your high school transcript, SAT and ACT scores.

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